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Sitting on their roof in the grass a few years back, Joe & Ceil are living proof that you can live comfortably without a furnace or central air conditioning. Firm believers in the possibility that we must be free of fossil fuels by the year 2020 (see What if Link), they pursue their passion to bring solar living to public attention. So much to do, so little time.

In addition to Solar to reduce pollution, Joe found a way to avoid using petroleum oil in their cars to reduce environmental pollution. This oil is a 100% man made type 4 synthetic lubricant called Amsoil made in Superior Wisconsin by the Amsoil Company. The oil is produced as a blend for 7,500 mile drain interval or a 100% synthetic high mileage (25,000 mile) drain interval. This is the stuff we need to reduce the demand on the petroleum pump. Think we can make it? I do! The question is, what are you doing about it?

Joe & Ceil Amsoil Dealers

Through the use of a bypass oil filter system along with the spin-on filter, some vehicles (car or truck) can operate up to 100,000 miles (oil analysis kits required) before changing the oil. JR (as Joe likes to be called), and his sons are marketing these Synthetic lubricants with as many prospects as they can. If you have a car or an over the road truck and you need to save money, you might want to check this out. If you have a business we can help improve your bottom line.

Born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio, Joe is a self-employed technical writer and documentation consultant who has worked in the home since 1985. Joe lives in Blue Ash Ohio with his wife and lifetime partner of 40 years in a three bedroom, solar heated, earth sheltered (underground) home, that has earth and grass on the roof. The yard also supports 16 Apple trees in the back yard, 2 cherry and 2 flowering crab apple trees in front, 3 apricot and two dwarf pear trees in the side yard.

Home construction shots

Home interior shots

Solar Info and research

What if?

More about the Apple trees

Honey bee Hives on Roof

Apple Tasting Party

Alaska our fading Frontier

Re-Roofing the shed There is only one way to get satisfaction when the job requires perfection and that is do it yourself. Here's Ceil showing what can be done with a bit of research plus some help from our two sons.
Front Of House

Montmorency (pie) cherries in bloom (on right) with Indian Walk flowering Crabapples (red trees on left) in bloom.

Front Cheries in bloom

(More Trees)

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