Apple School Tasting Class

 Just a few short years back, my granddaughter's school in Lebanon Ohio announced the annual Apple Harvest Week. Without any hesitation or consultation with me, Heather jumped up and said "My grandpa grows apples and, and I know he will come and show us how to do it"!  

 NOW, how can I refuse such enthusiasm from a 1st grader. We had a bumper crop that year and, although we only have 16 apple trees, Heather thinks it is an orchard. (Well I guess it is a small orchard, I know it keeps me busy.) Plus we have two cherry, a Dolglow crab for apple jelly, three apricot and two pears to mind also.

I was supposed to do a "Short" show-and-tell for her first grade. The 45 minute session went into overtime and we loved the entire hour and a half!


 Setting up for apple tasting time.

You will have to watch closely and notice that never once do my fingers ever leave my hands.


 Teacher gets first taste

 Sorry kids! Rules are rules and teacher always gets first taste.

OK kids, what have you learned?


"Different Apples taste different. And when they are fresh off the tree, they taste even more different! Some a little tart, some a little sweet, but ALWAYS, they taste GOOD"!

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Created by: JR Davis
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