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Our Fading Frontier!

When Kirk and Picard boldly go where no one has gone before, we know it is the "Final" frontier. But there is a frontier on our own planet that, because of our global warming and population growth, is fading faster each year. In our visit to Alaska in August 2003, we found that the Alaskan glaciers and frontier landscape will soon be gone.

Since we moved into our underground home in Blue Ash, the thermocouples reading the earth temperature show an increase of 2 degrees average over the past 10 years. Two degrees doesn't sound like much but the BTU's needed to raise the temperature of a mass the size of our earth is huge!

The pictures below show a braided stream from the melting of a glacier. The silt laden ice water from the melting glacier (it comes out the bottom of the ice like a big ice cube), forms this runoff. The melt creates small lakes which overflow and create this meandering effect. The glacier itself (the small white area in the picture below this one) is a long way up stream almost 50 miles away. Why do we need to drill in this, our last wilderness? The reserves here will supply less than a year at our current rate of consumption.

Better to find an alternate lifestyle with an alternate fuel or power source than destroy this fading frontier.

The braded stream from glacier

This "Braided" stream is from the glacer's melt back.

Glacier in distance (on right)
Kitchen in Wasalla Glacier in the distance Gold Mining Country
Wasilla AK
Glacier views & Hatcher Independence Gold Mine Fishing for Salmon plus a day in Anchorage.
On the way to Dinali Free Parking Rain Rain at Seward Coastguard Cutter
Hotel at Denali
Train to Denali
Denali Park Hotel & Lodge
Takaneka Train to Seward Day cruise at Seward to glacier bay.
Drive from Seward to Homer & Exit Glacier
Homer & Lands End

Created by:
JR Davis
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