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It's hard to believe that I wrote this page in 1995 and here it is 2009. Notice, some of my predictions are coming true. Even President Bush has said (and Obama agrees) that we are addicted to petroleum. Wow! Maybe something will happen before 2025. Fuel has remained above $2.00/ gallon and in some areas exceeds $2.50/ Gal. You need to get AMSOIL.

This page is devoted to those who believe that there is a possibility that through action we can change the world environment and reverse the current earth warming greenhouse affect by weaning our demand for fossil fuels such that by the year 2025 the human race (especially the U.S.) will no longer be totally dependent on this source of energy. We all know the supply is finite and we are continuously searching for new areas. Let's begin making the change now so that when the time comes, we will be ready. Europe and China are doing it, why can't we?

I am looking for those who can play this game of survival with me and send me their "What IF" ideas to me at my new address joedavis@joe-davis.com. (paste it in; not hot linked to avoid spam).

As we have learned, the Internet has become a wonderful tool for change. In 1995 we already had Virtual commerce buildings and banks (paypal) constructed without cutting trees and clearing land, bookstores (Amazon) with no books, auction houses with no auctioneer, movies (Netflicks) with no theaters, and search engines becoming publicly held corporations . How about visiting brokerages and buying stock without driving to their bank and how about goods being purchased online. (Reality check; stock trading online is now available as common practice as well as most purchases via merchants web pages).

The following list of possibilities are ones I see we can begin working on yesterday. Some have been accomplished; others need your help. If you can help in your community do so, and respond via E-mail with your efforts and I will post them here. Also, send any other possibilities you may see from this exercise. Please try to make them as realistic as possible. Perhaps someone else will see a way to implement the idea.



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