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Many construction resources are used when researching for solar knowledgeable people and organizations. The following list are the sources that were very helpful to us when we needed them as we tried to determine if this earth sheltered style of living was for us. Most of these people are in business to either build a complete home or supply the components that are used in the home. Other sources we found in the library or from organizations like the AEA (Alternate Energy Association). Most of them in the following list are on the net at this time. Those who are, will have their E-mail address and URL as part of their address. The others will have to be contacted by "Snail Mail" or phone.

Additional web locations are added to this list as we find them and receive permission to link to their pages. Enjoy the page and good hunting. Come back often as we will add more as time permits.

John F. Robbins AEE Certified Energy Manager

Robbins Alternate Energies

3519 Moffett Rd.
Morningview, KY 41063-8748
phone (859) 363-0376
Home Page URL
E-mail address:

Entropy Limited

Expert design, installation and maintenance of active solar heating systems for both space and water.
Flat plate, evacuated tube and swimming-pool collectors; also photovoltaic and wind generators.


Randy Sizemore, prop. since 1985

8927 Blossom Dr
Cincinnati Ohio 45236
Phone (513) 891-7620
E-mail (

Western Hills Window Co.

Energy Saving Products
Heat Mirror, tripple pane windows

Allan J. Meyer, President

4521 West 8th Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45238
Phone (513) 921-5455
Fax (513) 921-8331
E-mail (

Davis Caves

This is a builder of earth sheltered homes in central Illinois. He has a home page and e-mail address. You may wish to visit his site or drop him a line.

http://www. daviscaves .com
or when he is on the road,

Davis Caves Construction, Inc.
PO Box 69
Armington, IL 61721 Phone 309-392-2574
Fax 309-392-2578

UltraFlo Plumbing Systems

This is a corporation that supplied a unique plumbing system using only a single line to each device in the system. The water is turned on and off via 12 volt solenoids. Mixer valves are used to provide warm water. Pushbuttons at the sink or shower locations are used to activate the solenoids to supply water. Water usage savings from standard two line faucet systems are significant; ranging from 16 to 25% per year. Mr. Doug Didion of Ultraflo passed away in 2003 and the business is in a warehouse in Sandusky. Unfortunately no action has been taken with the company.

Ultraflo Corporation

Sandusky, Ohio 44870

Tri-State Solar crete Building Systems

Building An American Alternative
230 North Maple Street
Payne, Ohio 45880
Mr. Donald J. Oberlin
Office (419) 263-1333
Fax (419) 263-3674
Home page; (


Distributed by "Ceramic Radiant Heat" company, a family run business in operation for over 28 years in the lake country of central New Hampshire.
PO Box 96
New Hampshire 03837
(603) 364-6776

Since 1978 they have been the sole importers of WESO Ceramic Tile Stoves in the United States and Canada, and have introduced thousands of people to the joys of Kachelofen -style warmth.
(The stoves are no longer imported but parts are available).

Environmental News Network

This is a very large reference site of environmental topics and affiliated groups. It is considered to be the premier internet site for news on the environment. It also has a newsletter you can subscribe to if you so desire. We found this after we constructed this home page site. It is well worth a visit. Y'all come back now!

P.O. Box 1996
Sun Valley ID, 83353

Photo voltaics: Sustainable Power for the World

This is a site for the coordination of information of GLOBAL photovoltaic (PV) technologies, applications, history, and projections. PV is a semiconductor technology that silently converts light energy into direct-current (dc) electricity, with no moving parts, burning no fuel, and creating no pollution. These are the building blocks used in what we commonly call solar collectors. We found this after we constructed this home page site. It is well worth a visit. Y'all come back now!

P.O Box 4036
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126


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