Apple Trees Blooming

With the bee hives set on the roof, we wait for March and the warming weather. The Apricots bloom first (about March 15th), then the cherries and finally, April fills the yard with sweet aroma of apple blossoms and the buzzing of bees working overtime. (Bees won't fly in the rain, nor when it's dark or below 40 degrees F; they must have sun to navigate).

Blooms from edge of roof looking toward back yard (opposite)

Back yard Blooms
Lobus Queen in bloom
This is the sweet tasting Liberty in bloom. Lobus Queen blooms and bears tangy pie and sauce apples early in mid-July.
Ruxbury Russet is one of the latest bloomers
Liberty Blooms up close
Pear blossoms
Deer rub damage
Colette Pear blossom shows much promise in the spring. Unfortunately the deer rubbed the bark off and ate the blossoms. There will be no fruit from this tree.
Golden delishes
Gala Apples
Our Golden delicious is getting close to harvest. Notice the long branches and how much the tree has sprouted since spring. Going to prune this fall. The Gala is an apple that everyone wants so we planted one and had some apples ready for harvest. (Gala was lost to deer damage last year).

Created by: JR Davis
Copyright 1996 - 2004, Joseph R. Davis