Amsoil Testimonial

My name is Kurt Daum and I am writing you today to relate to you some experiences I have had with the Amsoil product and Joe Davis (JR DAVIS & ASSOCIATES).

Joe introduced himself to me several years ago at a Blue Ash Civic League meeting. We spoke on several occasions about his Amsoil distributorship and the quality line of products he represents. He convinced me to try the Amsoil motor oil and I am grateful he did!

Four years ago, I was traveling North on I-75 to Lake Erie for vacation, with my camper in tow. At that time, I had been using the Amsoil product in my 2001 Chevy Astro for about six months. I was attempting to get through the Friday 3PM Dayton traffic (poor planning on my part) when my "check your gauges" light came on and the oil pressure gauge hit zero! The traffic was so thick I could not get off the road to check under the hood for several miles. I did discover if I feathered the idle up a little that the warning light would shut off and the pressure gauge would go up to about 20PSI, when it normally would be around 40 PSI.

When I was finally able to get off the road, I checked the oil level and it was full, as it was when I left Cincinnati. I knew this problem could be a simple oil pressure sending unit failure (which is no threat to the engine) or an oil pump failure (highly unlikely but potentially fatal to the engine). It was decision time – I had heard stories about how Amsoil had outperformed any expectations. I also had two crying children and a disappointed wife. I also had an extended warranty. My decision was to "go for it" and continue as planned to Bowling Green for the evening.

We made it to Bowling Green and the following morning I took the van to be checked and repaired. The oil pressure sending unit was replaced, with no improvement in the pressure reading. The mechanics were almost certain the sending unit was bad, as they knew I had made it all the way from Dayton. They figured they got a bad part and just to confirm that, they used a manual pressure gauge to compare readings. They were astounded to see their gauge matched the one on the dash, meaning at 55,000 miles the oil pump indeed had failed!

They replaced the oil pump (after wrangling with the extended warranty company) and although they didn’t see any metal shavings in the oil they drained, they were concerned about potential damage to the engine. They were impressed that the Amsoil took me as far as it did.

When I arrived home a week later, I had the old pump disassembled and inspected. The failure was not oil-related. A five cent check-spring had broken inside the pump, a highly unusual failure.

I still own this vehicle and it now has over 100,000 miles on it with no oil consumption or additional engine repairs. I credit Amsoil for the success I have had with the mechanical longevity of this vehicle. I also use Amsoil products in the transmission, differential and cooling system. In fact, the Amsoil antifreeze is much more environmentally friendly than the factory installed coolant. It is also better for the engine and safer around children. I intend to run this vehicle another 100,000 miles, with Amsoil, of course!

I also use Amsoil in my other vehicles. Until recently, I was driving between 25,000 and 30,000 miles a year. With the extended change intervals I was able to save time by not having to change the oil as frequently as if I were using a conventional product.

I also want to communicate to you the great service Joe Davis has given to me. There have been several times when I needed product with little to no notice and Joe went out of his way to make sure I had what I needed. He has even delivered product to my house!

I highly recommend Amsoil products and the Joe Davis Amsoil dealership.