Motorcycle Shop Owner Testimonial

Hello, my name is Jamey Hobbs, former owner of the The Bike Shop in Cincinnati. As a former motorcycle shop owner and Harley mechanic, I would like to reflect on my business with Amsoil and the products that we sold.

MCV 20W-50 motorcycle oil was by far my biggest selling item. After several months of recommendations, we would go through at least a 55-gallon drum every month in the shop along with countless oil filters. Almost all of our customers used Amsoil in their motorcycles.

It was easy to sell Amsoil primarily because of all the literature and test reports that I had made available to my customers. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are air-cooled and can run pretty hot especially when idling on hot days. When fuel-injected bikes were introduced, it was obvious that they ran hotter than carbureted bikes. One comment that I repeatedly got from my customers with big dressers was that their bikes seemed to run cooler with Amsoil. And trust me, Harley riders know their bikes!

A big part of my business was building high-performance engines. I had a customer that wanted the fastest 96 cubic inch Harley around. Over the years, we tore this engine down several times, changing components in order to make it faster. Just before the last modification, the owner told me that he pushed the bike over one hundred and ten miles per hour for hours on end when riding home from the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota. He was riding with two riders of Japanese water-cooled performance motorcycles and kept up with their pace.

After verifying the truth to his story, I informed him that we should plan on replacing the pistons during the next teardown for installing high-lift valve springs. I was amazed when I took the heads off of the engine. The cylinder walls looked as good as the day that we originally finished them. When I cleaned the pistons, they looked as good as new. We measured everything and found virtually no wear. I have seen more wear on pistons that were run only one time with conventional oil. I was so impressed that I kept those pistons on my toolbox during the project and showed every person that came through the door.

Experiences like this made me a true believer of Amsoil over the years. Since my days in the motorcycle business, I have gotten into high-performance boating.

  • With Amsoil, I feel safe pushing my boat at high RPMs for long periods of time.
  • My diesel truck starts easier and runs smoother with Amsoil.
  • There is no other oil that I would ever use in any of my engines.

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